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Laferriere Classic Cars LLC is the result of Tom Laferriere's passion and excitement for Vintage and Antique Automobiles.  Starting as a hobby over 30 years ago, its now a fast growing business selling client's cars worldwide. Its owned and operated by Tom Laferriere of Rhode Island. 

Tom has been around Antique and Vintage Cars since his father purchased a 1939 Packard in 1970 and began to tinker with it.  Tom saw his first Brass Era Car at age 10 and has had a fascination for Pre-WWII cars ever since.  There is something about those fire breathing Chain Driven Cars with Acetylene Headlamps!


You can consign your car with Tom and get it sold.  Tom has acquired contacts worldwide and can get your car sold. 

Enjoy and have fun visiting!


Laferriere Classic Cars -Tom Laferriere, Owner
tom@tomlaferriere.com Phone:  401.651.2295  Fax:  508-562-4530